Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Original Preppy Joke Book

A while back I posted about "The Original Preppy Cookbook" I and couldn't help adding "The Original Preppy Jokebook" to my collection as well. The book starts out with "The Preppy Aptitude Test (PAT)" and ends with a Glossary for understanding preppie lingo.

Many preppy marriages are saved
because the cost of removing the monograms
from everything is prohibitive.

"The Original Preppy Jokebook is another book to be read with a preppy grain of salt. Do you own a copy?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come on Irene

I was fully prepared for Hurricane Irene...
    1.   Rain Gear
    2.   Gas
    3.   Groceries
    4.   Flash Light

JCW called off his plans to spend Saturday and Sunday in NYC.

We went over to A&T's and Maddie was so nervous about the storm all she could do was snack!

Our Eliza B. sandals were the perfect hurricane footwear.

JCW claimed he was hungry and needed Disco Fries around 11:00pm but I new his real motive was to check out the storm. I figured it was better to chase the storm with him then let him go alone.


There was hardly anyone on the road, the wind was blowing and we checked on water levels. I totally felt like Helen Hunt in Twister. Fortunately Irene didn't do as much damage as predicted and our only issue was a mere power loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone whom were greatly effected by the hurricane.

On another note...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hitting the Town

After a full day of shopping and taking in the sights we spent the evening with our friends that live in NYC.

JCW & The Tiz

It was a gorgeous night so we sipped champagne on the roof deck before heading out.

The first stop was The Waverly Inn for drinks.

For dinner we went to The Spotted Pig in the West Village.

We ordered Dark 'N' Stormys and it was one of the best I have ever had. The key to a delicious Dark 'N' Stormy is not being stingy with the lime...the more juice the better!

 JCW started with a delicious Bone Marrow appetizer and we both had the Burger with Roquefort Cheese. After all of the calories I burned during the day walking, that burger was just what I needed.

The Spotted Pig is a warm and cozy restaurant filled with an eclectic array of pig decor. They don't take reservations but it's worth the wait.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway from Graphic Image. I hope everyone is safe this weekend and Irene goes easy on us! xx

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alton Lane

After having some fun at the Lilly store I met up with JCW for his appointment at Alton Lane. He had a gift certificate for a custom shirt from last Christmas that he needed to use. We were buzzed in and greeted by Neil. I immediately noticed the location of Neil's monogram which was on the lower left side of his Alton Lane shirt.

The showroom was warm, inviting and all of the masculine
touches made us feel right at home.

We looked at different shirt options. I really liked the look of the contrasting cuffs.

Seeing the ties was a great way to visualize what different patterns might look like as shirts.

"Alton Lane is founded on three principles—Better Clothes, Better Value, Better Experience"

Then came the fun part...fabric swatches! There were lots of different options and in true JCW fashion he only picked out blues.

When it was time to choose a monogram, I let JCW decide on his own because I didn't want to overwhelm him with my expertise.

Alton Lane uses a state-of-the-art 3D body scanner to obtain precise measurements. JCW stepped behind the curtain and I waited to see his image appear on the computer.

Alton Lane offers custom suits, shirts, trousers, blazers, tuxedos and overcoats. They are even opening another location in DC this fall.

Special thanks to Neil for answering all of our questions and exposing JCW as the shopping buddy I never knew I had. xx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer, Madison Avenue

When we were in NYC I decided to check out the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison Avenue for a little birthday shopping while JCW hunted down pimento cheese sandwiches at Hill Country Chicken.

The store was a renovated town-house from 1912, complete with a pink staircase.


The staircase was lined with framed Lilly fabrics.

Of course I loved all of the blue and white porcelain pieces throughout the store.

There were inspiration boards used as decor that were very similar to the ones I saw when I toured the Pink Palace.

I couldn't get enough of the paintings on the walls and in the dressing rooms.

This dressing room told the story of how Lilly Pulitzer began.

...birthday finds

The store had so many special touches and was by far the most magnificent Lilly Pulitzer I have visited.

The Lilly sale really rocked the East Coast yesterday! I hope everyone was safe after yesterday's earthquake. Did you score any earth shaking deals from the Lilly sales?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bright New Day

Before hitting the streets in NYC we went up to the roof deck to check out the views in the daylight. JCW had been in Chicago earlier that week and he brought me back some gifts from the Chicago Yacht Club.

The hat was from the Race to Macinack's pre-race party he attended.


JCW and I each ventured off on our own for some exploring.

 Do you recognize this house?

Zitomer Pharmacy is remarkable...they don't sell walking sticks at my CVS.

I discovered Earnest Sewn in the Meatpacking District. The store is know for their denim but I fell in love with the rustic decor of worn leather, plaid touches, antique books and exposed brick.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Carlyle

Last month JCW and I went to NYC to celebrate my birthday. We made dinner reservations at The Carlyle on the Upper East Side.

We were very fortunate to have seen the legendary Bobby Short perform at Cafe Carlyle many years ago.


The Carlyle is synonymous with the Kennedys. They owned an apartment on the 34th floor.

If those walls could talk...the hotel opened in 1930 and it certainly has a lot of history.

After dinner we decided to head downtown and meet JCW's brother at The Standard for drinks.