Monday, December 13, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

Credit Card Wallets, Smathers & Branson

Astronaut Ice Cream, Amazon

Silk Knot Earrings, Fritz & Frannie

Silk Knot Cuff Links, Brooks Brothers

Lint Rollers, Bed Bath & Beyond

Lip & Body Balm, Badger

Pistachios, Amazon

Murfee Scarves, Lilly Pulitzer

Aftershave Moisturizer, Kiehl's

Hunter Survival Kit, Amazon

Barbour Tartan Umbrella, Orvis

Starbucks Gift Card, Starbucks

Essie Nail Polish, J.Crew

Bottle Opener, Berretta

Croakies, Southern Tide

Gorillapod, L.L.Bean

Happy stuffing! xx


Emily said...

Fabulous ideas! The Beretta bottle opener will surely make its way into the bf's stocking...

JMW said...

I had never seen the Gorillapod before - this is very cool! (As are all of the other items - especially those of us gals!)

Ally said...

Love your stocking stuffer ideas!! I just blogged about this this morning too!!

the pink prep said...

what great ideas.... i hope santa is taking notes from you!!!

Cheryl said...

LOVE these ideas!!! Thanks for posting them!!

Glitterista said...

Great ideas! I would love pistachios in my stocking. :)

Kerr said...

love all of these! thanks! I needed some stocking stuffer ideas and now I am set!

Unknown said...

Great ideas!!! This is the category I always wait until the last minute!

Hope you're enjoying the holidays!

PJH said...

I know a certain someone that will be getting those Southern Tide croakies for Christmas! Perfect for black lab lovers!