Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Loot

Hermes Bangle...I am fully aware it's not good to substitute one addition for another.

Cashmere Cardigan, J.Crew

Tartan: Romancing the Plaid

Hoof Pick Belt, Austin Jeffers

Astronaut Ice Cream was in my stocking...looks like my mom reads my blog.

Dixie's parents gave me a subscription to Coastal Living Magazine.

A new Murfee Scarf from Aunt S.

An addition to my "Old Maryland" engraved silver pattern from Aunt S.

New York Parties: Private obsession with Jamee Gregory continues.

Sony Cyber-Shot W350, Best Buy
I have owned a couple Sonys but I am considering a Coolpix...I just love the Ashton Kutcher commercials! Anyone have any recommendations for a good point and shoot?

Plaid Stick Umbrella, Lands End

For being on the naughty list JCW managed to make out pretty well this year...

Ribbion Belt, Leather Man

Essentials of Roasting, William Sonoma

Liddesdale Jacket, Barbour
After opening this jacket JCW proceeded to tell me he thinks he is between sizes...this is a go-to statement for your typical serial returner.

Bowtie, Southern Proper

Syncro Squash Raquet, Harrow

Some junk food is completely acceptable after all of that squash.

Knife, Wuesthof Ikon Blackwood Series

A gift certificate for a custom shirt from Alton Lane. The showroom has a 3D Body scanner that records your exact measurements and is located in NYC...which means we have the perfect excuse for a trip!

Replacement Grips, Harrow
That boy changes his grips like he changes his socks.

Special thanks for all of the wonderful gifts we received this year...we are so very blessed. xx


ERB said...

Bo returned his Liddesdale. The XL was too big. I am wondering if the L will be too small though...JCW may be correct with his between sizes theory!

James said...

So many nice gifts, but I'm most envious of the Moon Pies.May JCW and you have a joyous New Year.

Shorely Chic said...

what a cute couple, love all the gifts!!

Leah said...

I went to high school with the owner of Alton Lane! Small world! Hope you are well - love reading your blog!

JRS said...

Good loot. For a good point and shoot, I would recommend either the Canon s95 or the Nikon CoolPix p7000. They are both top of the line, and will do everything you need (including HD video), and are very mobile.

Anonymous said...

Let finally tell you, ( I have been reading your blog for a long time now) This is the best blog, the most fun to read, I look forward to it everyday,
thanks Sally

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog very entertaining

MCW said...

What great loot! I had the Nikon Coolpix and HATED it. It took horrible pictures and broke in the 1st year. I then bought the Sony and it is a MUCH better camera.

Anonymous said...

You guys did good! Between sizes, that's too funny :)

Pink Champagne said...

Santa was good to you! Looks like a fabulously preppy Christmas!

EJR said...

I have the barbour jacket in between sizes is such a funny excuse. I have to add that to my repertoire.

Holly said...

Love everything, especially the books!
I have a Canon Powershot and it's the best little point and shoot ever! Took great photos in Europe this summer. Canon is my go-to brand.

Glitterista said...

Love that J. Crew cardigan--I have a couple and wear them all the time! What fabulous gifts you both received, and love the serial returner comment. ;) Happy (early) New Year! XOXO

Jojo said...

Lucky you! Yes you did receive some loot. Wishing you a very happy new year.

The Preppy Princess said...

Ooooh, what fun goodies and treasures! I love the "between sizes" rationale for returning, that is too funny!

Your bracelet and cardigan are ever-so-elegant, while "Romancing the Plaid" looks like such a great read.

May your New Year be all you hope, and then some!

Summer is a Verb said...

Surprisingly weak selection of bangles at all three Paris Hermes. And, I was sooo hoping to snag the gold Balcons du Guadalquivir
cuff :(

ps...I have and love that Tartan book annnd also had Old Maryland Engraved silverware in my old life. Another shocker!

Summer is a Verb said...

Almost forgot, saw Jamee Gregory and her husband in front of the Herm├Ęs store in NYC back in September. Very much the lady...XXOO

j.mosby said...

Tell JCW not to keep his Barbour's in the closet, they tend to shrink over time if they are left there:)