Friday, May 20, 2011

Loggerhead Apparel

Loggerhead Apparel is based in South Carolina and is not only a stylish company but they are also socially responsible. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is an endangered species on the coast of South Carolina. 10% of all sales gained from all Loggerhead Apparel polos is donated directly to local causes supporting the conservation and protection of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Loggerhead Apparel has donated over $3,000 to Atlantic Loggerhead conservation efforts since February 1st.

The Bellwether Polo is made from 100% American-grown Pima Cotton and will be available in additional colors this summer along with t-shirts and croakies.

In honor of  Endangered Species Day Loggerhead Apparel is doubling their donation to 20% for all online orders today.

"American-grown. Carolina-made"


Belle on Heels said...

oooh thanks for sharing! i just adore turtles and since the beau needs a few new shirts, here's the perfect reason to buy now :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I need some new croakies..I'll have to check out these!

JMW said...

Great concept - love the loggerheads! They ought to think about a line of ball caps, too. I would certainly order one and wear it for running.

Town and Country Mom said...

From right here in Greenville! I love that they are trying hard to source labor here in SC, too!

Cool Gal said...

I've never heard of Loggerhead. Very cute!