Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fishs Eddy

By the time I got to Fishs Eddy's One Kings Lane sale it was slim pickings but I couldn't help admiring the collection of Vintage Plates for sale.

Berkeley Hotel

Beach Point Club

 Loyola College

Fishs Eddy has the perfect combination of things you have been looking for and things you didn't even know you needed; all at great price points.

Egg Holder

Horsehead Bottle Opener

Glass Spa Bottle

Did you find anything on the Fishs Eddy website you had to have?


My Life as A Plate said...

Great finds! I love the glass spa bottle and the egg holder.

Baltimore Prep said...

I adore that cake stand!!

Annie said...

Love everything on their site and had never heard of them before. Thank you!

The City Boy said...

i LOVE this store. its super close to where I work in the city

A View from the Sidelines said...

Proud alum! Must have the Loyola College Plates!

Katie Sews said...

Been to the Fishs Eddy store in NYC about 7 years ago- did pick up a set of anchor dishes/bowls ... great place to visit.

All the best,

Whitney of Washington said...

I'm so glad that someone else has heard of Fishs Eddy! My fiancé’s Mom LOVED the store in NYC and got John a couple sets of plates. I've now inherited them and LOVE them. My favorites are a set of blue and gold rimmed dinner plates with a beautiful detailed interlocking monogram. I'm not sure who they belonged to but I ADORE them. I like to imagine the couple that once ate dinner on them at a loooong candle-lit dining room table!