Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

We made it to NYC for a lovely dinner with JCW's family.
While our niece and nephew ice skated at The Standard we took full advantage of the heaters and Après-Skate menu.
I had the most delicious white hot chocolate.
We walked the High Line, which was just what I needed after all the decadent meals.

The city was buzzing with holiday spirit and Christmas was in the air.


Portuguese Prepster said...

great picture of your look! I'll have to try their hot chocolate.

Katie D said...

NYC is so beautiful during Thanksgiving. When I lived there it was my favorite time in the city. I enjoyed looking at all your lovely photos!

Sharon @ Novara Way said...

I just found your blog and decided to take a peek. Your thoughts cracked me up. I could so relate! I look forward to future posts....
Happy Holidays,

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

Beautiful pictures! You look fabulous as usual, and such a lovely Thanksgiving table! I am dying to get back to NYC...maybe this spring! I have been back several times in the spring and summer, but I have not been there during the holiday season in over 20 years! Looks like it was a wonderful holiday for y'all!

preppyraven said...

New York looks fabulous! How do you get your scarf to be so perfect?