Sunday, April 19, 2015


The Lilly Pulitzer for Target 250-piece collection launches, today. There have been a lot of mixed feelings regarding this collection on social media. Some people feel like Lilly is selling out in terms of the brand's integrity. I wasn't surprised by this collaboration at all. The quality of many Lilly accessories look like items you would find at Target but without the Target price tags. 

I’m assuming the quality of the #LillyForTarget clothing won't be as nice as their regular line? The tableware and outdoor entertaining accessories look darling and I’m sure the price points will be very pleasing. What are your thoughts on the #TargetForLilly collaboration?


Julia May said...

I agree, the quality of the Lilly merchandise is a bit lackluster - some of the Target shifts look more Lilly classic than what the Lilly stores currently sell. Did you get anything for the baby? The toddler stuff was cute, I definitely scooped up a bunch of it online for my daughter.

HipWaldorf said...

The entire experience was an utter failure and embarrassment for Lilly (all the way to the bank). I am not sure why they needed this in the first place. The Lilly FB page is exploding with angry fans. The items looked inferior on-line and that is what I have been hearing from friends who were able to touch it. No thanks.

Beemie said...

I didn't get to Target because I had a girls weekend at the beach...we did talk about hitting the sale, but ultimately the tide kept us at the shore...hope you were able to score something.