Thursday, April 29, 2010


With spring sailing just beginning...these Resails bags are perfect for hitting the docks. The products are made from recycled sail cloth (marine goes green). Resails carries a wide selection of goods from kevlar wallets, dog collars, and vests, but I am especially fond their bags and accessories. They have stores in Newport and Annapolis and it just so happens I am due for a trip to Annapolis.

Toiletries Kit

N Series Kevlar Duffles

N Series Tote

Instructions for sail donations...

Don't throw that out! We would love to recycle your old sails and convert them into our one of a kind Re-Sails bags. Specifically, we are looking for Dacron sail cloth between 5 and 9 ounces only. We appreciate you're donations and will gladly cover ground shipping expenses. In addition, benifactors will receive a complimentary N Series or # bag!

Please send to this address:
Re-Sails Warehouse
7 Merton RD
Newport,RI 02840


Pemberley said...

Very cute bags!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you try to come to Annapolis on Satuday! It is May of my favorite traditions in town. You may already know, but all of the local shops downtown make beautiful baskets and are judged by a local garden club...and the huge news!!!!! I am creating the May Day basket for The Pink Crab!!!! Long story, but I am thrilled and I plan to knock everyone's pink and green socks off :)

The Consummate Hostess said...

These are great eco-chic options and a great way to display one's love of sailing! Charming :).

Kate said...

These are so cool!