Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Surprises

When I came home from my grandmother's funeral, I found these lovely tulips from MBW at my door.

A few days later I got this thoughtful care package in the mail.

There was a note from Crazy K that read "I must confess Leonard ate some of the goodies so you are a few short". I would expect nothing less from Leonard. Leonard is one of my good pups and he totally marches to the beat of his own drummer...to put it mildly.

My god pups...Lucille & Leonard

Special thanks to MBW, Crazy K, and everyone else for all of your sweet gifts and kind notes. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. You all mean more then you will ever know. xx


Anonymous said...

What sweet friends. True friends are a true gift themselves!

Trish said...

How sweet, those tulips are gorgeous and I love all your treats. You deserve nothing but the best, I'm so glad you have great friends (and I consider myself to be one of them!) xox

MBW said...

Thanks for the post! Love you too xoxo