Monday, May 24, 2010

Jules Reid

Jules Reid's line is full of bright patterns and has a bohemian flair. Jules lived in India as a child and that is certainly reflected in her line. The clothing is playful yet feminine. She has a love of elephants and is influenced by the bold designs of Emilio Pucci.

A piece of Jules Reid's inspiration board.

“Designing interiors developed my sense of color and texture, but I have always been excited by fashion. Now I am creating my own patterns and fabrics that are incorporated into clothing that I love." -Jules Reid

The Jules Reid Fall/Winter 2010 collection is comprised of rich velvets, whimsical printed silks, and elegant silhouettes. It's the kind of clothing that makes you feel special...I am dying to see some of her exceptional pieces in person.


mFw said...

Loving everything! Happy Monday!

JMW said...

Love Jules Reid - perhaps that's what I'll ask Hubby for on my birthday!

rosiecampbell said...

Don't you just love everything she does?

Summer is a Verb said...

You HAVE to see them in person. It's like being in a candy store...XXOO

AEOT said...

LOVE that maxi dress!!!