Friday, October 15, 2010

Del Toro Slippers

Del Toro Shoes was founded by Matthew S. Chevallard, James G. Bohannon, and Nathaniel C. Wish. During their boarding school days they had visions of themselves smoking cigars while wearing velvet slippers with their school's logo. They didn't want the shoes to cost a fortune and wanted a short turn around time. As a result of this conquest they created Del Toro.

Del Toro slippers are the perfect addition to men's formal wear and a great way to jazz up your tux. I must admit when I see a man wearing velvet slippers I go in for a closer look.

The slippers are hand made in Spain. You can select from different shades of velvet, suede, or linen along with an embroidered logo. You can even have your slippers customized with your initials, family crest, wedding logo, or yacht club burgee...the possibilities are endless.

Del Toro also makes slippers for women. I am partial to the navy velvet with the ever so edgy skull and cross bones but I could also see myself in a linen monogrammed pair.

These shoes are sure to fulfill your "wildest desires".


Buckhead Belle said...

Love. I think it would be so chic to have all the groomsmen in a wedding party wear these!

Toad said...

I love mine.

A Big Little Life said...

Love Love Love!!! These would make a great gift for my gentleman!

Cindy said...


Summer is a Verb said...

Those fox slippers are SO mine! Also, now on the hunt for a pair of white leggins :)