Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chick Beer

At the Junior League Sale I tried Chick Beer. Chick Beer was founded in 2011 in Easton, MD. Chick Beer only has 97 calories and 3.5 carbs per bottle and they even donate 5% of their profits to charities that empower women.

It's about time someone came out with a beer that's signature color is pink.

Cheers to Chick Beer!


Hannah said...

Ok, now that is what I call cute beer! Put it in pink and it will sell! :)

Anonymous said...

Now that looks fun!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Thanks for the props!

- Dave (Chief Operating Officer - Chick Beer)

The City Boy said...

too funny! i normally stay away from beer because of all the calories and carbs. Maybe they should make a skinny male version next! hahaha

The Southern Lady said...

Good afternoon from L.A.!

What a pretty beer (said for the first time ever!). I'd love to know if it's widely available~I'm all for trying something new...especially if it's pink.



Sundresses and Smiles said...

Love the pink koozies!

Laur said...

OK, I thought it was super cute but I did not like the taste at a;ll….have a post coming up on this :)