Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shoe Verdict

My black watch Plaid Loafers arrived and I couldn't be happier with them. I am almost always a size 6 so that's what I ordered even though some reviews said to size up. The size 6 fits perfectly! I have only worn them around the house but they have proven to be every comfy unlike some of the other shoes in my closet.

Sending prayers for safely and thoughts of electricity to all of you East Coasters facing hurricane Sandy. My apologies in advance for lack of posts if I loose power...be sure to follow me on twitter for updates.


Anonymous said...

Cute shoes! I was lucky not to lose power in CT...hope you stay lucky too, heard that MD might get snow!

Laur said...

Stay safe! We lost power, but hanging out at parents to keep warm!

Tricia said...

The shoes are adorable! Hope all is safe on your end. Thankfully we didn't lose power!

Kim said...

I purchased the black canvas slipper with the white crest on the toe over the Labor Day weekend. They are so comfortable I just put them away for colder weather a few weeks ago. Love the watch plaid ones also. I hope that you guys are safe and dry.