Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Furbish Placecards

Topiary Placecards

Equestrian Tweed Placecards

Ginger Jar Placecards

Elephant Placecards

Each one of these placecards sets from Furbish is more darling than the next. Furbish is a wonderful store to find unique gifts ranging from traditional to playful.


sle said...

Furbish is an amazing store and I live in Raleigh so I get to see all the goodies in person!!

TLA said...

Echoing sle's comment...long-time customer of Jamie's (pre-Furbish days, when she was selling prints on i suwannee--and personally hand-delivered to my office)!

The original Furbish was literally blocks from my office and across from the park in my neighborhood where I run...her new space is further out, but absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing and all the best/continued future success to Jamie and Furbish Studio! So wonderful to see a person make their dream of doing what they are passionate about come true. :)

Baltimore Prep said...

How would I ever choose which to use? The place cards are all amazing!

The Preppy Princess said...

Furbish has such amazing things, anytime I pop into the online site it's like a black hole, I'm gone forever, looking at everything and anything, all of it wonderful. The place cards are all darling.

Sending you a smile

Worthington said...

I feel like Furbish is how I am about Caspari. I can go in there for one thing and leave with $200 in the hole. Such beautiful things though! I love the hunting horn one.