Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bridal Details

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When I began wedding dress shopping, I quickly realized that my criteria was a dress with no beading, sequins, chiffon, lace, tulle or rhinestones. I wanted simple with bows or ruffles. I decided to steer away from strapless gowns even though I always wear strapless dresses. After talking to friends that had to keep pulling up their strapless gowns while dancing at their weddings, comfort became my number one concern. I have known for years that when it came to our wedding day, toe cleavage was the only cleavage JCW wanted me showing. He doesn't ask for much and we happened to be in full agreement.    
I had only tried on a handful of wedding gowns before making an appointment at Gamberdella. I arrived at the shop and gave them my ever growing list so they could pull dresses. While waiting, I looked through the racks of bridesmaid dresses and saw a Lazaro dress in Ravens purple. It was super light, comfortable, wouldn't require an army to help me use the restroom and the only detail was a ruffled shoulder strap. They told me it could be ordered in ivory. I checked the dress off my list and never thought twice about my decision.
OPI Sweet Heart

These Stubbs & Wootton Espadrilles were on standby but I didn't end up wearing them until after the reception. My wedding shoes were so comfortable which was probably a combination of the low heel and the fact that I never took them off so my feet didn't have a chance to hurt.


pve design said...

Gorgeous. I too wore a dress with no beading, no tulle, no sequins and rather simple and streamlined. If I had to do it all over again, I would want something all lace~
Love your dress, hair, and all the details that added up to being so perfect.

DeAnna Stephens said...

I wore a dress with no beading, tulle or anything either.
Just a simple broach that I put on there.
It was unbelievable how FEW dresses there were like that out there!

lizziefitz said...

My wedding dress was from Gamberdella's! It was 22 years ago when they were located in Kenilworth:))) I brought a picture in & tried on a total of three dresses. They know their stuff! Side note my engagement party dress was from Daddy's Money in Kenilworth , ha! Now I am really dating myself!

Laura said...

LOVE IT! Simple and gorgeous! I got my Lazaro wedding gown from Gamberdella, too. Mary & Sharon are wonderful :)

Preppy Pink and Green Puppy said...

Your dress was absolutely stunning! I love all the wedding posts you've done and can't wait to see more. My dress also had no beading, lace, tulle, etc. It was soooo hard to find. I had just about given up when I found it. Mother of course thought it was too plain so she had the seamstress gather the neckline so she could pin an (sparkly- much to my chagrin!) antique broach to it right before the ceremony.

The LMM said...

Your dress is amazing!

elseinwmsb said...

Love the wedding posts. The first photo should be done as a
painting you look so beautiful.
Thank you for all the good info
about your wedding.

Crumbs and Curls said...

Your dress was GORGEOUS! I hope you had a great day.


sle said...

Love all your wedding details! Classic, timeless and beautiful!

linda said...

Your wedding look was absolutely breathtaking.

Delores Lewis said...

I remember when I first saw a Lazaro wedding dress in person. My sister-in-law wore one on her wedding day a few summers ago. His excellent attention to detail with luxurious, chic, and intricate designs really made her look and feel like a celebrity walking down the aisle. When I get married I am definitely wearing one of his creations!