Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Radar

A great hat is key for the beach and I am really feeling Tuckernuck's Harding Lane hat in Island Green.
I am almost finished reading The Darlings, than I am going to start Revenge Wears Prada.
This Beachgrass Tote is just the right size for carrying around my SLR camera and still looking chic.

I have been obsessed with ESO Strawberry Lip Balm.
If I had a Star Spangled Spatula I may even want to work the grill...not that JCW would ever let me.  


Maureen said...

E! If you liked these books as much as I did try Elin Hilderbrand's newest, Beautiful Day. It was just lovely......would be the perfect vacation read!

Preppy Pink and Green Puppy said...

My stepdaughter is obsessed with the EOS lip balm. Her fave is the lemon drop.

Be careful putting your camera in the beach tote. Make sure it's in a protective case or wrapped in a towel or scarf. Unfortunately I ruined one of my fave lenses last month at her graduation in Canada because it was just floating in my tote, not in lens carrier. Husband was not happy when he learned the lens was actually more than my 7D.

The Mrs. said...

Thanks for the book recs! Need a beach read!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Love that spatula!

I'm reading Gone With the Wind now, but might have to check out Darlings when I finish!