Tuesday, February 4, 2014

KC Finds

We spent a chilly weekend in Kansas City and it was such a treat to sleep with a Heated Mattress Pad. The pad even had dual controls so I could crank mine up and JCW could keep his off. 
There was an adorable stationary store that carried a line of local candles called Pickwick & Co. I loved the Cognac & Tobacco scent.
I also discovered that OPI makes the perfect color for eating ribs...Mrs. O'leary's Barbeque.


Nelle Somerville said...

That heating pad. Brilliant.

bisbee said...

The idea of that mattress pad freaks me out! I had an incident when I was a young teenager sleeping at my parents' friends house - I got a shock (not a bad one) from an electric blanket (it probably should have been thrown away). Ever since, I can't go there! I get cold, but I'd rather pile the blankets on TOP - can't even do flannel sheets - I need a cool, smooth sheet, even in the winter! Of course, DH throws the blankets off year round!

Annie said...

I may be going to Kansas City for work soon. Any must sees? What were you all there for?!

Sarah said...

That candle sounds awesome and I love that nail color!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

Heated mattress pad!? I think I might need one!