Thursday, February 19, 2015

3 Things

My co-workers threw me a fabulously fun shower complete with baby games and a lovely country view.

We got to shower my friend who is due two weeks after me. She's having a little girl as well and it's been wonderful to be on this pregnancy journey together.    

I feel like everywhere I go someone gives me a baby gift or has kind words of advice...I'm going to miss being pregnant.


Portuguese Prepster said...

I spot some cute wrapping paper in the background! Wishing you all the best.

Glitterista said...

So glad being pregnant has been such an amazing and positive experience for you! What a lovely shower.

Lilly Forever! said...

Enjoy! Just wait until you see her. You won't believe how much you can love someone at first sight! All the best!

Her Preppiness said...


eks said...

you probably will miss it at times - but being a mom is the best. the first few weeks are pretty intense but having a daughter is beyond words. p.s. if you don't have a kindle and/or the lightest tablet possible and/or a macbook air, get it now because you'll want it for the hours nursing :)
-typed while baby is asleep on the boppy in my lap