Friday, February 6, 2015

CK Bradley Wedding Dress

If you've been following my blog it's no surprise that I've been a huge fan of CK Bradley. I just saw this custom CK Bradley wedding dress and my closet shed a tear. 

How much fun are the navy grosgrain stripes on this reversible skirt?  

My fingers have been crossed that CK Bradley resurfaces and I was thrilled to see an Instagram photo this morning that said "So many prints... Which ones are comin' back?" 


sharon smith said...

Love this dress. He has a new fan!!!
The House of Hampton

HMC said...

I was dying when I saw that dress--and started searching for more stuff. Fingers crossed she comes back. I need those dresses!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

So cute ... and the bride's shoes!

Maureen said...

Hmmmm….also seems reminiscent of a certain dress - a de la Renta perhaps - that was on your nuptial radar? So it wasn't just you! Gorgeous.

Beemie said...

Very fun and it.

Melissa said...

Soooo pretty! I just love your style.

I just read A Liz Adventures before I came over to your blog.

So funny that she just commented. I love that feeling of community. :)


Celebrating this Life said...

I found out about CK Bradley through your blog, you really are her #1 fan! Fingers crossed for some new dresses this summer! xx