Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oughton Limited

 Course Tote

Oughton Limited carries a line of equestrian inspired luggage, handbags and accessories. They also offer the option to have your initials gold foil stamped on select accessories. The Oughton Limited blog shared a post called The 10 Commandments of Champions that came from Edwina Alexander who is one of the world's top jumpers...
1/ Love your horse.
2/ Talk to your horse: even if you're not sure he understands you, he will understand the tone of your voice.
3/ Always turn a negative into a positive.
4/ Never give up.
5/ Horses need affection, like everyone else.
6/ Always double-check your tack before riding.
7/ Treat your horse with respect and he will do the same for you.
8/ Be gentle with the reins.
9/ Nothing is more important than your horse.
10/ Believe in your dreams.


pve design said...

Had the pleasure of meeting Daphne last year in Vermont at a dear friend's - She and her designs are amazing. Winning combo.

Christie said...

Erin! you HAVE to try their boot bags... you can have your name plate put on the back too! I travel so often, they fit my "frye's" nicely!

That Girl in Pearls said...

Love the tote. I've never formally learned to ride, but have always wanted to. There's something so magical and refined about it.

That Girl in Pearls

Portuguese Prepster said...

gorgeous tote

Worthington said...

I have a pair of their boot bags and love them!

Also that iPad Paddock envelope.