Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CK Bradley

I am huge fan of CK Bradley. A few years ago we where in New York for Thanksgiving and I went to the CK Bradley store in the city, for some black Friday shopping. When I got to the store I was immediately greeted by one Camilla Bradley. She helped me pick out dresses and gather sizes. She is just as stylish and playful as her clothing. After that shopping trip I had an even greater appreciation for CK Bradley and all that it embodies. I was so sad to hear that the NYC location was closing and Newport would become the hub for CK Bradley. Fortunately, I was able to visit the Newport store this summer and once again had a wonderful shopping experience. I tried on the Tamanaco Dress and they didn’t have the size I needed. The girl that was helping me offered to go to the warehouse (which conveniently was only five minutes away) and dig up my correct size. She headed off to the warehouse and I headed to the wine store next door.

Two bottles of champagne, one size 2 Tamanaco Dress and I was on my way, happy as a clam.

Westmoor Club, Nantucket

This dress accompanied me to my friend’s rehearsal dinner where I gave a toast, slurped oysters, hit up the bars at Straight Wharf and walked home barefoot with late night pizza.

CKB –Thanks so much for all of the fun dresses and prints…keep 'em coming! xx


QueenBeeSwain said...

you look presh in that gorgeous dress! and what a great review of CKB! I want the dress in the same print/color that is sort of tunic-ish... I can't decide b/t a 0 and a 2- do you hae an opinion?!



Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I wear an XS, 0, or 2. That dress may be cut a little larger because it is boxier? I would call the store and ask them how its cut. It is always better to get a dress that is a little too large then a little too small! xx

ck bradley said...

Well, well, well! You found us in NEWPORT! Sad I wasn't there to drive you to the warehouse of ribbon and inspiration myself...the place is chock full of possibility. And so are you with the Tamanaco...I LOVE IT ON YOU! What great PR you are for CK Bradley.

And as far as fit..the silk print Tamanaco fits true. The pique solids fit a bit bigger. Either way, you can call Vieve at 401-847-9777.And obviously send us pics of you wearing it!

Thanks girls, and keep up the fabulous blogging! We are about to launch a new site...have any 'to die for' drink recipes to send my way?