Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Queen of Cashmere

I have been lusting after these monogrammed sweaters, throws, and pillows by Queen of Cashmere for quite some time. Saks offers a few pieces, but in limited colors. There are so many more color combos to choose from, and picking out your colors is half the fun.
a gal can certainly wish….


Headbands and Hand Bags said...


Jules said...

These are so nice and the combo of cashmere and a monogram is pure luxury!

TWA said...

I purchased my first queen of cashmere sweater last year and absolutely love it! While they do have them at saks it is so much better to purchase them from a boutique where you can see all the 40+ colors and try them on to make sure you get the prefect size. While it is a pricey investment it is totally worth it!

Holly at CashmereinC. said...

Also available in all colors, shapes, and sizes at a lovely cashmere store in Greenwich, CT called CashmereinC.
Great staff, amazing customer service.
Come "design" your personalized luxury today!