Friday, September 11, 2009

Recent Finds

I found these bright argyle sweaters at my local Old Navy. When I buy clothing from Old Navy I don’t expect it to make it through the long haul or extensive washings for that matter. I love how affordable Old Navy is and that I never leave the store empty handed.

These plastic covers that go on the bottom of your heels are called Solemates and are a truly fantastic invention. How many times have your heels sunk into the ground during wedding receptions, cocktail hours, and graduations? I am only going to utilize these gizmos when I am outside. I feel like being caught indoors with your Solemates could definitely land you on the worst dressed list or at least warrant talking about you behind your back.


Jules said...

I love the pink argyle sweater from Old Navy. That place is always good for cute and inexpensive items. The solemates are a great idea!

A Wedding Story said...

At least if you're outside, the grass would cover up the heel some!