Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Trees

Every year we usally go to a tree farm with my family and cut down our Christmas trees.

My mom in pursuit of her Christmas tree.

This was our tree last year.

Loading 'em up

I love decorating the Christmas tree. Most of my ornaments are gold and I use lots of gold ribbon. Last year I started having allergy attacks for the first time in my life. I had the most severe attack around the holidays...the cause for the attacks couldn't be determined. It has almost been one year since I have had an allergy I am going to play it safe and not get a tree this year. My goal is to be attack free this time next year and get a Christmas tree.


Southern Aspirations said...

Allergy Attack = No Fun. But I love the images of y'all cutting down your own trees! We did this when I was growing up and it was so much fun. Sadly, I have moved on to the faux version at the insistence of dear husband.

KAG said...

The boyf found out he was allergic to Christmas Trees a few years ago :( Now we have to have fake trees + tres sad. xoxo KAG

Kerry said...

Oh no! Allergic to Christmas trees! That's too bad! Your tree last year looked fabulous though! Have a great Monday!

eSa said...

Beautiful pictures! You do indeed have a tree decorating knack! And your mama looks so glam as she tree shops, ha.

Erica said...

your blog is so cute!