Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shotguns and Shells

Here are some gift ideas for any shooting gents in your life...

Bird Dog Bay Sittin’ Shotgun Tie, Kevin's

Shotgun Shell Party Lights, Christmas Decorations Store
We actually have a pair of these in the closet...thus far I have refused to put them up for the holidays. JCW may be in luck...they are kinda growing in me!

Remington Shotgun Shell Cufflinks
A few Christmases ago I got JCW a set of 12 gauge shotgun shell cufflinks. He said they were a little too large for everyday, but perfect for a tuxedo. We ended up taking two empty 28 gauge Remington shells to a local jeweler and having an everyday pair made. I love the idea that he actually shot the shells he wears on his cuffs.

Shotshell Tuxedo Set, Stafford's

Hunting Slipper, Stubbs & Wootton
In order to wear these and not be labeled a may be worth taking up hunting.

Shotgun Shell Humidor by Beretta, Vivre
Once I was drug to the Beretta store on Madison Ave. against my will and ending up not wanting to leave. The store is very handsome and makes you fantasize about going on a safari.

Shotgun & Shells Hooked Pillow, Stafford's

Needlepoint Belt Canvas, Barbara Bergsten Designs
This gift entails a lot more then a few clicks of the mouse.

Shell Pouch, Stafford's

Pull...I do enjoy shooting skeet but the only drawl back is hauling around that heavy gun. My arms are always sore for days...I wish they made them lighter!

Safe Shooting


QueenBeeSwain said...

great action shot of you and the cufflink idea is fabulous! one of my rowerboys' has those shell lights at his parents "cabin" (if you can call a 7 bedroom building that)- they're draped over the bear that is mounted standing up that he and his father shot in Russia- sooooo cool!



PS- so popping the CKB girls a note to see how it fits and glad that we both will be pattern twinsies :)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I have seen a stuffed bear...pretty intimidating! I love that fun! I hope the dress works out...they are pretty true to size. xx

Preppy 101 said...

Thanks for the comment today. Love your blog! My daughter just moved to the Baltimore area! I've never been there, but am sure to be visiting now! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Check these out! My sister makes shotgun shell cufflinks which she sells on this site.