Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010 II

Sunday morning we ventured out on the roads and headed to the grocery store.

Luckily we had an SUV or else I don't think we would have gotten very far.

Why is milk always one of the first things to go before a snow storm?

We got stuff to make BLTs.

I do eat meat, but not very often so I opted for veggie bacon. JCW wanted no part of this. I just love Morning Star Farms products.

My veggie BLT was delicious.

We took another was so nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air.


Things were starting to melt.

There was still a snow blanket on everything.

After the walk we warmed up by a fire.

We ended up getting even more snow last will probably be some time before the roads are back to normal.

Happy Birthday MBW! She is also fond of veggie BLTs.
Have a fantastic birthday and hope to see you soon my dear! xx


Trish said...

Y'all are such a cute couple! We have more snow today too. I am ready for Spring! :) Stay warm!!

Shorely Chic said...

I'm loving your little snow adventures! so fun :)

ERR said...

So jealous of the fire. The only thing we are missing in this snowstorm is a fireplace!

KatieSPerk said...

OOoh all that snow! I have never figured the milk thing out!!

MBW said...

Aww love it! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes- I'm hoping for snow in Boston for my bday...we haven't gotten anywhere close to the snow in MD and I'm slightly jealous! And the veggie BLTs are delicious, I am craving one right now :)

Alicia B. Designs said...

OH it looks so pretty!! I wish i wasn't at work right now and I was out enjoying this NYC snow!

LindsB said...

We didnt get all the snow we thought we were going to get up here, I was kinda sad. It looks so beautiful there!

The Haltermans said...

Beautiful pictures! You will never believe this, but I'm flirting with going vegan--seriously! We must discuss. You know my love for McDonalds, so this could be tough, but some of the things I've been reading during my 2 weeks of snow days have started to change my mind!

Sara said...

YUM, the veggie BLT looks awesome!