Tuesday, February 2, 2010

St. Moritz Polo World Cup

This past weekend was the St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow.

This four day tournament takes place in Switzerland and the polo matches are held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz.

It has been an annual event since 1985.

The top teams from around the world coming from Argentina, Chile, the UK, and Australia compete for the Cartier Trophy.

The frozen conditions and attitude increase the physical demands on the riders and the polo ponies.

This year they even had a physiotherapist available for the animals.

The four teams are sponsored by Cartier, Brioni, Bank Julius Baer, and Maserati.

Team Cartier rode away with the trophy for 2010.

Photos courtesy of St. Moritz Polo AG

Going to the St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow is on my bucket list.


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

I would love to see this event! Switzerland is my favorite place on earth! And a Polo match, just too much fun!

ERR said...

I would love to see a polo match in this setting. These images are stunning.

Pinecone Camp said...

These pics are fantastic. I've always wanted to go to Switzerland....ahh, one day.

Main Line Sportsman said...
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Main Line Sportsman said...

Does one need to "stomp the divots" in between chukkers when the game is played on a frozen lake?
This event does deserve a slot on the bucket list. Then again, any reason to go to St. Moritz in Winter is sufficinet! Great post.

Queen of Cashmere said...

Count me in on the trip. This looks divine. There may not be divot stomping but I bet there is champagne between the chukkas!

K Fink said...

Hi E - you inspired us to rent a chalet with friends and go this year, we'll be there Thursday! I'll take lots of pics! K