Friday, July 2, 2010

Caught in CKB

My best friend from college Crazy K and I where both caught wearing CK Bradley's Bombardino Dress.

We both paired the dress with turquoise earrings and gold accessories. We normally discuss our CKB purchases...comparing sizing etc., but this magenta number from last season must have fallen through the cracks. Talk about the art of the reveal...I still can't get over it!

She wore her dress to a wedding in Jackson Hole, WY.

I wore mine to a wedding in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

We will have to keep each other in the loop of any new purchases from CKB's Spring 2010 collection.

It's hard not to be drawn to the bright colors and bold silhouettes.

It's very clear that adventure goes hand and hand with CKB's line. In these clothes you can have fun and look good doing it.

Crazy K and I have shared many adventures and always enjoyed each others wild sides (I don't call her Crazy K for nothing) it's very fitting that we would both don the same CKB dress.


Pink Champagne said...

Such a gorgeous dress. I adore CKB!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

That's too funny! Great minds...!

JMW said...

What a great dress! And I never would have thought of pairing it with turquoise earrings, but that makes for a gorgeous combo!

Beatriz said...

GORGEOUS!! Love the color too.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Love!

Beth Dunn said...

LOVE All of those dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer is a Verb said...

Totally kicking myself for not getting that dress in navy when it went on sale last year. I did manage it in the navy and orange print but, as you know, you can never have too many of a great thing. And, I'm totally itching to make a CKB purchase in the very near future...XXOO

Summer is a Verb said...

Btw, that vintage elephant belt shown the the green strapless, well there's a close cousin on the Calypso website right now...XXOO

Candy said...

I can see why you both have the dress- it's gorge! xx