Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Start

JCW returned from California just in time to kick off my birthday weekend. He brought me back a hat from the St. Francis Yacht Club.

No trip to the west coast would be complete with out See's Lollypops. These are the best Lollipops I have ever tasted and are tops of my Lollipop list.

We spent the weekend in NYC celebrating my birthday.

Special thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes...y'all are too sweet! xx


QueenBeeSwain said...

can't wait to hear more and I saw a couple that looked EXACTLY like you and JCW walking into Whole Foods yesterday as I was leaving... had a mini moment for you :)



Anonymous said...

Hat is very precious, happy belated!

Kerr said...

See's! I had forgotten all about those. My dad had a client when I was little that used to always bring him some for my brother and I. They are sooo yummy.