Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in Lewes

We have been going to the beaches in Delaware for years but had never spent the day in Lewes so we decided to take a trip.

I was not particularly looking forward to taking out a sunfish the day after a thunderstorm. Lucky for me no one was allowed out because of the rough conditions.


The town was very quaint and charming. We went to Lewes Bake Shoppe for lunch.

We were immediately intrigued by the "Ooey Gooey".

Fresh bread always makes a sandwich better.

The famous "Ooey Gooey" was a cinnamon bun twist. It was like no other cinnamon because of its candy like texture. There is no doubt we will being making more trips to Lewes for the "Ooey Gooey".

I was wearing a Green Lobster polo...thanks Ward!

We did some exploring.

No one was on the beach in Rehoboth because of the thunderstorms the night before.

JCW seized the opportunity for large waves and a strong undertow.

I decided to pass on swimming.


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

You always have the most darling vacay pictures. Glad you had such a good time in Lewes. My only experience with Lewes was my parents dragging my sister and me to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry once each summer so they could shop in Cape May. I'm sure I'd appreciate it much more now. xo xo

Sarah (Matters of Style) said...

YUM that looks delish.

Glitterista said...

Yay for Lewes! It's too bad that you weren't able to get in the water, but I'm glad you enjoyed downtown! Happy Monday! :)

Laura said...

that ooeygooey looks like it's worth the trip! yum!!

The Sailor in Pink said...

Looks like you had a great trip! You guys look so preppy! Lewes is such a great place to be. We go on the ferry a lot when we are on our way down south for regattas, but I've never been to Lewes Yacht Club. Hope you had a great time!

Cindy said...

Great pics!! xo

Sophia Caris said...

Do you ever stop in Bethany Beach? I love that place!!
Sophia Caris

LAB Lover said...

I have always been a big fan of your blog, but now I might be your biggest fan!! After living in Towson & Cockeysville their whole lives, my parents now live in Lewes, and we head there every chance we get. We love it, and so does our lab :) If you get another chance to visit, I might have some suggestions.
Thank you for always letting me live vicariously through you and your fabulous adventures! I'm sure you hear this all of the time, but I wish I had your life :)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

LAB Lover, I am glad you are following and I would love to hear your Lewes recommendations! xx