Friday, September 17, 2010

The Usual Stops

At the beach we always go outlet shopping. Whenever I go to the L.L.Bean outlet I always search for a monogram error Boat & Tote with my initials. So far I have been unsuccessful but I will never stop looking.

There was a nice selection of Bean Boats.

A trip to the Polo outlet is standard.

We were able to find some great bedding.

The Orvis outlet had some stylish Alynn accessories.

Brooks Brothers carries Royall Spyce, which is one of JCW favorite types of cologne.

Love a plaid accent.

Shopping for cigars made me realize how JCW must feel in the handbag department at Neimans.

Words cannot describe how we feel about The Cultured Pearl.

The restaurant has such a great ambiance with fantastic outdoor seating. The tables are surrounded by fish ponds and bamboo.


Crab Napoleon
Jumbo Lump Crab tossed in basil pesto with an over roasted tomato drizzle, served with wonton chips.

Cream of Crab
This is the best Cream of Crab soup we have ever had and JCW orders Cream of Crab everywhere it is on the menu.

Main course


Annie's Banannies is a frozen banana parlor. The frozen bananas tasted just like rich ice cream but with out the fat. This quickly became my new beach obsession.

Annie...griding her frozen bananas.

I tried several different topping combos during the course of the week but deemed the Banannie with graham crackers, caramel and whipped cream the best!


The Sailor in Pink said...

that Banannie looks delicious! it looks like you guys had a great time!

Southern Lilly Lover said...

So delish! I need to try that ice cream ASAP.

Where is an LL Bean outlet??

Kerr said...

frozen bananas, yum! those wonton chips look pretty tasty too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely trip. Where is that gorgeous orange tunic from?

Nelle Somerville said...

I love your food photos! So well done. And need to make a trip to the outlets soon. Love that we are so close to be able to take a quick trip too.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

I don't care for sushi but your pictures make me want to try it again.

My daddy and grandfather both wore Royall Lyme-love it! Whenever I'm in BB I always spritz a little on my wrists. It instantly takes me back to when I was a little girl. The Bermuda Purfumery makes a very similar scent, Navy. If you ever visit Bermuda you must tour the Purfumery- it's a wonderful treat.

Kristen said...

I love LL.Bean Boots! When I was really young I had two pairs (never worn) cause I thought only 'boys' wore them.. now I love them! They are soo compfy, too!

And that sushi just made me hungryyyy!

Anonymous said...

Love your comment about cigars and handbags! That is so true!

MBW said...

Ooooh love those outlets...did you see that jcrew is now selling factor clothes online?? I don't remember the Cultured Pearl having all that gorgeous outdoor seating...I am dying to go back now. And the frozen banana parlor looks amazing- perfect healthy treat!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I did see the J.Crew email today!!!There is a L.L. Bean outlet in Rehoboth Beach DE. I believe my tunic is TB...I got a few years ago! xx

Cindy said...

Great post! I so enjoyed my "trip"! Thanks for sharing~!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweets! Gotta love tax-free shopping, right? A funny story about the Bean totes - When my grandmother started to get older she had a hard time carrying a laundry basket so we got her an xl Bean tote instead. She passed away, but I still carry her tote, because it makes me think of her. I have had several people ask me if it was a mistake purchased from the outlet. No offense people, but do you really think I would buy a random bag with someone else's inititals on it? Ha! Anyway, just made me think of my wonderful Nan when I saw your photos :) Have a great weekend!

QueenBeeSwain said...

Annie's Bananie's looks like it'd be an amazing place to *have* to have a snack :) will have to check out the RL outlet on my way home next weekend- have been lusting over the chinoiserie print duvet foreeeeever. and don't you look cute in your Tunix caftan- I've got the shortie in the same print- great minds thing alike!



The preppy Princess said...

Oh goodness, talk about eye candy! The prettiest merchandise picture of all has to be the ties, they are simply stunning.

You two look darling, that is one outstanding color on you!

Sending you a smile for the week ahead,