Wednesday, February 27, 2013

JCW 3 Things

Big Breakfasts

Bills Khakis


Summer is a Verb said...

Omg, corned beef hash! Once, when we were very small, a stray doggie found his way to our door step and my mother, making do with what she had, feed him a can of the stuff. Cut to a month later, in quite The Great Santini moment, as we found some on our dinner plates and she found herself with 4 children in hysterics cuz their mother was feeding them dog food. Remember it like it was yesterday...It's NOT dog food, I just FED it to the dog. We weren't buying it and thus the Baltimore love of corned beef hash was erased from the family blood line in one fell swoop...XXOO

lizziefitz said...

Summer is a verb sparked a family memory ! My father was in charge of feeding my twin brothers & me dinner while my baby brother was being born. Some ( nice?) neighbor thought 3 bean salad would be a great meal for 3 little ones. We asked my dad what kind of beans the white ones were, wax beans. We all cried , thinking he was trying to poison us with candles, Ha!