Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYE Rehoboth Beach II

We hit up all of our favorite stops at the beach, like Jeff West Home...
...and Sole.
Death Fries were also on the agenda and totally brought back memories of our engagement.
Before leaving for NYE dinner we pulled up DWR's Veuve Clicquot Chair Contest and began dismantling a bottle of Veuve. We had lofty aspirations of coming back after dinner and building our winning adirondack chair but got derailed.
We had a lovely dinner at Eden. My favorite part of the meal was the Tribute to the Candy Bar for dessert.

It's always so hard to say goodbye to Captain Henry.

Special thanks to Rudder's parents/Henry's aunt & uncle for having us and cheers to all of the good things to come in 2013. xx


The Pink Pagoda said...

Oh my. The Jeff West's store looks FANTASTIC!! Looks like you had a lovely trip!

Carey said...

I think posing for that picture is the most cooperative Ornery Henri has ever done! Really wish we had built that chair- next year!

Anonymous said...

I love the link to Design Within Reach. I bought a few items from the SF store when I lived in California. I now know they have a Bethesda location thanks to you.