Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Footwear

It's time to kick up your heels for summer! I always stress how much I love ordering from Zappos because of the free shipping and super fast delivery. I am trying to decide which color I should order in these Bow Slippers...I like the pink and blue.
It's also time for my annual pair of new jacks. I am really feeling the Vachetta Neon Navajo along with the Raffia Navajo.
The new Georgica style in cork would also be a fun neutral.

My closet would warmly welcome every color of Varina Flats but in particular this rose shade. These shoes are all you really need to make an outfit complete.
My summer no-brainer is a pair of Tkees in Sunkissed.


Anonymous said...

Do the Jack Rogers sandals hurt your feet? Every review I read mentions those dots on the heel of the shoe being very painful. I'd love to get a pair because they're so quintessential for summer!Thanks :)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

They’re a little uncomfortable before you break them in but then they’re fine. It always helps me break mine in faster when they get wet from rain! xx

miss andrea lee said...

I just saw those bow flats on sale at nordstrom a few days ago! Love the rest of them too :) I'm always on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal!

Suburban Charm said...

Oh my! Must have the bow slippers in pink! Love the Ferragamo Varina...I have my eye on the navy patent ones. I just posted last week about the Ferragamo Vara style...same style with a low heel....Ferragamo is classic and timeless, so they are definitely worth the price.

Legal Preppy said...

Love the neon jacks!
I have a quick question and wasn't sure who else to ask... my boyfriend is taking me skeet shooting this weekend. I have no idea what is appropriate to wear! I know I've seen you post about skeet before, so I was wondering if you could give me some pointers! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

On the Jacks - they have a little 'pad' on the heel that causes all the discomfort. You can pull that off easily and it is like a brand new pair of shoes... no more discomfort! Otherwise, yes, they hurt your feet.

erica said...

Have you ever owned Tkees? I was wondering if they were comfortable?

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Legal Preppy,
For skeet shooting I would wear something comfortable that you can bend down in and make sure you have large pockets for shells!

I just ordered the Tkees from Zappos so I will let you know!


bisbee said...

I have 3 pair of Tkees - totally comfy!

eas said...

That's it. I am cashing in all of my Nordstrom gift cards and buying myself a pair of Varinas for fall. Should I get black for my first pair? I never buy brown shoes. I saw those red ones in California and they are to die for!

That color combo on the Jacks is Amazing!