Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jimmy and Sook

Jimmy and Sook is a clothing and accessories brand from Irvington, VA. I discovered Jimmy and Sook after seeing an advertisement in Garden & Gun magazine. I was very excited to see a crab as a logo on apparel and accessories. The blue crab is synonymous with the Chesapeake Bay. A male crab is known as a"Jimmy" and a "Sook" is a female crab. You can tell male and female crabs apart because female crabs have red tipped claws and males does not. You will notice that the Jimmy and Sook logo depicts a female crab.

We went to a BBQ and one of JCW's former classmates was sporting a crab polo in light pink.

Jimmy and Sook also carry hats, aprons, tote bags, ect., but the polos are my favorite.

They carry men's and women's polos but, the men's polos come in more colors. I am sure you could make a special color request for a women's polo. I also noticed that they only carry women's sizes S-XL. I am anticipating the arrival of size XS.


MBW said...

I haven't seen these before but they are so cute...though I may live in Boston now I will always pick a crab over a lobster :) I love the hats!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Super cute! Thanks for the introduction to a new brand!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Irvington, Virginia....home of the Jimmy and Sook Crab Shirt! Two years ago, I started putting the Crab on polo shirts in my clothing shop, KHAKIS. We sold a few dozen, then a few hundred, and as we crossed the 2000 shirt mark, I took over the shop next door ....and the name Jimmy and Sook was born. I was able to trademark the Crab and register the name, and here we go! (Over 8000 sold to date!)

We continue to grow our brand and add our Crab Logo to anything that stands still long enough!

I appreciate your blog and am flattered by your comments. May I send you a Jimmy and Sook polo shirt? would be my pleasure!

Andy Smith
Jimmy and Sook
804 438 6010

Anonymous said...

Great Info about a Great Eastern Shore Brand!