Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Window Challenge

Eddie Ross designed a window in Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge for Elle Decor. The two other windows in the contest were created by Apartment Therapy, and Bloomingdale's. The windows are currently on display at Bloomingdale's flagship store in NYC.

Photos by Addie Juell & Kristy May

The designers were asked to design the rooms for a specific person. This element of the competition created compelling stories that painted a picture of someone's life. After reading about Eddie Ross and Elle Decor's media mogul and mother of two the room really came to life. Not only did I want to meet her, but I understood more about the design of the room.

I have already cast my vote several times for the very talented Eddie Ross. You have until January 28th to vote and you may vote up to two times a day. You may login and vote online or text 1 (for Eddie Ross) to 89800.

Special thanks to Eddie & Jaithan for always inspiring me. My fingers are crossed that your window wins the challenge!


Shorely Chic said...

Isn't that room amazing??? Go Eddie!

JMW said...

I love the use of blue throughout - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your support and for your sweet post!

alanna said...

i have seen these rooms on a couple of blogs now, and while they're incredible to look at, I think that all that action would give me hives! i love your blog, though :)

LindsB said...

Love eddie and jaithan, I hope they win!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Every detail is amazing on this display! I would love to have it transported straight to my living room after its run on display!

The Mrs. said...

I Have that silver tray on my book case....ideas ideas!