Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Philadelphia I

We went to Philadelphia for New Years and stayed at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia.

After checking in we headed to Good Dog for lunch.

I got the goat cheese & beet salad and JCW ordered the Good Dog burger. The burger was stuffed with roquefort cheese.

After lunch we decided to explore the club.

First stop...the squash courts.

The logo was on everything.

The pub/beer on tap was located between courts.

Wooden shelves filled with members mugs lined the walls.

It's hard to image playing with a wooden's also hard to imagine how many broke against the walls.

Second stop...the pool.

The pool is on the third floor of the club...which was unheard of during the time it was built.

A rather pleasant man gave me a tour of the men's locker room...he made sure the coast was clear first. During the tour I learned that some scenes from the movie Philadelphia were filmed at the in particular was the steam room scene.

There is nothing like fresh white hotel robes.

The club doesn't use lockers. You call ahead and they place your laundered clothes in one of these dressing rooms.

The gear and clothing is stored in numbered boxes and pulled per your request.

Members don't have to go far for a hair cut or shave.

There was some time to relax before we needed to be ready for NYE dinner.

We had dinner at The Prime Rib.

JCW ordered the prime rib. It was a lot to eat...even for him.

Happy 2010!


Bethany said...

What a fun trip! You look adorable in the picture. xoxo Bethany

Brian said...

Glad to see you guys had fun in Philly. I seem to rember walking around down on the Avenue of the Arts that the weather wasn't that great. Good choice on good Dof for lunch most visitors don't manage to stop bye there.

alanna said...

ooh i loove your jacket!! and that is entirely TOO much meat :P !!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

That was a nice tour of the club. It looks like y'all had a fun trip. The DC location of the Prime Rib has been a family favorite since I was a little girl. Whenever my parents had lunch or dinner there, my mom always brought home an couple of orders of potato skins for my sister and me.

DSS said...

Holy cow!!! That prime rib looks tasty (and huge!!).

What a wonderful holiday :)

Black Labs and Lilly said...

This sounds like a wonderful and original hotel in Phili! I think my BF would adore it! I am certainly going to look into a surprise down there soon!!

Preppy 101 said...

What a perfect way to bring in the New Year!! xoxo

Blackeyed Susan said...

WOW What a fabulous trip!! You look too cute in your party hat!

Trish said...

I love the pictures, looks like you had a wonderful visit! You look so pretty in the last pic :)

Lily Lemontree said...

What a beautiful place to spend the holidays!