Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cafe Hon

Cafe Hon has a huge presence in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood. The restaurant is synonymous with Honfest.

Cafe Hon is known for having a giant pink flamingo adorn its building. The flamingo has been there for seven years and become a symbol of the eclectic neighborhood. In October a city inspector told Cafe Hon that the iconic pink flamingo would have to be removed if the proper permit was not obtained.

The flamingo was removed and Cafe Hon supporters where devastated. There was a rally at City Hall and supporters placed pink flamingos all over the lawn.

JCW signing the "Save the Flamingo" petition at Hon Bar.

Cafe Hon's barren building without it's cherished pink flamingo.

Baltimore city ended up cutting the permit fee in half and on November 18, 2009 the flamingo returned. The neighborhood was relieved when the icon was brought back to Cafe Hon. The flamingo is a little piece of Baltimore's history. The legendary John Walters had even given an interview for Sunday Morning in front of the pink flamingo.

Look for the flamingo if you are ever in the neighborhood hon!


a. said...

I've been there and it was DELISH!

Bethany said...

Love Cafe Hon! Some of my friends used to live in Hamden and we would go there often.

DSS said...

How precious!!! I've been to Baltimore a bazillion times, but we are always in Federal Hill. I will have to request we visit Cafe Hon next year :)

What a wonderful story!

Mrs. Bogarde said...

Love Hamden and Cafe Hon! I used to work at The Baltimore Museum of Art we would haed over to Cafe Hon for lunch :)

I just sent you an award! Keep up the super fun Blog! Wendy

Katie said...

that looks so fun! Thanks for my note! katie

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