Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fortune-Telling Birthday Book

While holiday shopping I stumbled upon the Fortune-Telling Birthday Book in a local boutique. I read both my birthday fortune and JCW's birthday fortune and felt like they were dead on. I didn't buy the book at the time, but couldn't shake how accurate the fortunes had been. A few days later I went back to the store to buy the peculiarly true book and they were sold out. I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a copy and made certain to expedite the shipping...I couldn't wait to get the tiny red book in my hands. It was great fun sharing the book with family and friends over the holidays...I am a believer.

My Birthday Fortune...July 18th
Yours is a fastidious nature. You like to dress well and appear at your best always. You are original and studious, and you like and appreciate art. Your disposition is generally sweet, and although you sometimes lose your temper, you quickly recover it. You are affectionate and loving, and your home is very dear to you.


Tickled Pink Talk said...

ooh, I'm intrigued...sounds like fun! I wonder what it says about June 10?!?! Must try to find this :)

JMW said...

What a fun idea! I just say Tickled Pink Talk's comment - my birthday is June 10, too!

little miss can't be wrong said...

If you like this you might also like "Secret Language of Birthdays by Goldschneider and Joost Elffers!!

Sally said...

I love those books they are too funny, I have one that looks the same except it is yellow and is a Fortune Telling Name book!

pve design said...

I have the same book.
I gave the same book.

alanna said...

i LOVE that book!! i seriously have brought it around in my purse/glove compartment/to work/to parties because it makes everyone SO happy! i love your blog by the way - definitely going to start following!