Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last year I dressed up as Sarah Palin

JCW was my partner in crime as Todd Palin

Todd Palin’s accessories

I grew up eating entirely way too much candy. I would always look forward to my after school snack from 7-Eleven...I always opted for sugar. Naturally, I adored trick-or treating. The best part was coming home and examining your loot...there was always the occasional toothbrush or apple which was immediately disregarded. Once the candy was sifted through and seperated into piles the trading could begin. I was always trying to unload Mary Janes, and Good & Plentys. I have actually grown to love Mary Janes...I didn’t know what I was missing back then!

Have a splendid, candy filled Halloween! xx


QueenBeeSwain said...

you are too too funny and pulled off the costume without a hitch! I'm writing this as the Today Show is doing a little update on the Palin clan! ha!

Love Mary Jane- sooooooo amazing! love sugar!



AEOT said...

Good and Plentys = YUM!!! I adore them! If you happen to receive any this year, feel free to send them my way :)