Thursday, October 29, 2009

USS Constellation

The USS Constellation is located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and is currently a museum ship. This National Historic Landmark is the last navy ship from the Civil War Era . In July of 1999 the vessel underwent a 9 million dollar restoration. I can remember this ship from when I was a little seemed a lot bigger then it does now.

USS Constellation is the last all sail warship built by the U.S. Navy. She earned the name "the Yankee Racehorse " for her cruising abilities. The ship is rumored to be haunted by sailors that lost their lives on board.

The USS Constellation Cup Regatta benefits Baltimore’s historic ships education and preservation programs.

USS Constellation Cup George Colligan Memorial Trophy

Lawyer Liz and her beau, JCW, EAS

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Beth Dunn said...

Looks awesome! Love the pictures. xoxo