Friday, December 17, 2010

Hostess Gifts

Winter White Amaryllis Bulb Kit, Calyx Flowers

Nest Holiday Candle, Saks

Mrs. Prindable's Caramel Apples

Sofia Sparkling Mini 4-Pack, Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Stationery Set and Bamboo Pen, Iomoi

Ginger Syrup, Morris Kitchen
Great for cooking, baking, cocktails and even making your own ginger ale.

Oil Mister, William Sonoma

A staple is every Maryland home.

Boatman Geller Wine Tags, Fine Stationary
The perfect addition to a bottle of bubbly.

Meyer Lemon Soaps & Lotion, William Sonoma

Rocking Chair Mix, Red Rocker Candy

Our go-to hostess gift is homemade rum cake. I am strictly forbidden to post the recipe...It's JCW's mom's recipe and he literally had to steal it. In one way it's good that we aren't allowed to share the secret recipe because it gives our friends incentive to invite us over knowing that they will never be able to duplicate our rum cake! What is your go-to hostess gift?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Sophia Sparkling Mini? I have seen it and been tempted. I like the idea of that as a hostess gift :)

QueenBeeSwain said...

MoMo would absolutely second your suggestion of a bulb kit for a gift- she's a *touch* overboard with amaryllis! and everyone loves them!



ACH said...

I used to be obsessed with ginger syrup, but I haven't been able to find it out here!

My favorite hostess gift is still just simple fresh flowers; I do love having fresh flowers on the table!

Kerr said...

My family always gives bourbon balls and buckeyes. My best friends family does rum cakes. and I have the recipe ;)
SO DELICIOUS! I wish we lived closer and could taste test each others!

Danielle said...

i just bought kate spade coasters as a hostess cute!

Buckhead Belle said...

Love the Sofia sparkling minis! My favorite!

the pink prep said...

very cute! I just saw the sofia minis just the other day when picking up champagne! always have a LOT on hand, bag them and tie with a gorgeous sparkly bow for all our holiday house parties!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Great suggestions! I love that stationery!

Jen said...

I've gotten and given the bulb kit several times... I love it! It's pretty much a no fail way to grow a gorgeous flower!!

katherine said...

Generally, I give (and everyone loves) my cheese wafers from the Colonial Dames Dish it Up cookbook, but at Christmas I add to that Martha Stewart's rum balls and The Basics spiced almonds. A delicious three-some, particularly when presented in pretty cellophane bags with ribbon.

JMW said...

Great ideas! Can't go wrong with a good bottle of wine or lovely candle. Tea towels are nice as well, as are ornaments during the holiday season.

Sarah said...

Homemade mango chutney. If store bought Caspari products