Monday, March 1, 2010

RL Moose and Reindeer

Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Hat
This hat featuring the Canadian moose is the most coveted Team U.S.A. item from 2010.

Ralph Lauren Mockneck Sweater
RL always pays such close attention to detail. I love that the date is incorporated into this's like you are buying a collectors piece.

Ralph Lauren Sweater 2010 Olympics
RL really out did themselves with the Team U.S.A gear for's true Americana. They took some of their classic designs and all things red, white and blue to create an extraordinary Olympic collection.

Ralph Lauren Cotton Reindeer Boys Sweater
The Reindeer had become a symbol of RL over the past few years.

JCW's nephew, Mr. APK sporting his RL Reindeer sweater. When it comes to dressing APK has superior taste.


Kerry said...

OMG! He is adorable! In the future, I hope to dress my children just like that! Have a great Monday!

The Caffeinated Globe said...

The boy is so cute. And yes, he "has superior taste when it comes to dressing."

Trish said...

I agree completely, definitely a collector's piece! I love all the detail too and would LOVE to have one.

Mr. APK is SO HANDSOME and stylish to boot! Total charmer too, I'm sure ;-)

Happy March!!

Donna said...

Love Ralph!!! and the boy is cute too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great Monday!

Starfish and Sundresses said...

Love the reindeers. I just want to curl up by the fire at a ski lodge somewhere wearing one of these!

little miss can't be wrong said...

i just LOVED the olympic RL this year!!

QueenBeeSwain said...

that nephew is about as darling as they come- I am sure that you must LOVE finding treats to spoil him with :) the Oly RL gear just keeps on getting better and better- the stuff from Beijing is even more amazing in person than you'd think!



DSS said...

I want the "boy sweater"...think anyone would notice :)

PS. Tag! You're it :) I've left you something on my blog...

Glitterista said...

These are such beautiful pieces! Dale of Norway also makes Olympic sweaters (I'm not sure if they did for these games), and they're wonderful with the date and place on the bottom. Any of these pieces would be especially memorable if you were able to go to the games, which is a goal of mine for the future. :)